Seattle Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Eat Seattle's hands-on cooking classes consists of a tour through the famous Pike Place Market where the chef will explain the local and seasonal produce as he/she selects the ingredients for the menu being cooked. The group ends up in the beautiful Atrium kitchen in the market where the chef instructs the preparation of the menu; providing tips on cooking techniques, information about the meal and tidbits of Seattle’s history.

We then sit down to indulge in our gourmet dishes. All ingredients used are sourced in the Northwest and 100% organic. The menus are thoughtfully designed to learn new techniques, maximize seasonal flavors and inspire your inner-chef to replicate these recipes at home.

What will you gain?

  • Shopping tour of the local market vendors that supply the best chefs in town
  • Education on what’s in season, where it comes from and how to pick the best produce and meat
  • 10-15% off vendor partners in the Pike Place Market 
  • Learn about Seattle’s culture and NW cuisine
  • Hands-on cooking experience guided by our chef
  • Instructional cooking tips and tricks
  • Eat a beautifully prepared Northwest gourmet meal made with the freshest local, organic ingredients
  • The recipes

February 25th 6:30-8

Seattle Cooking Class
Winter In Pike Place: Skills Based Class

Eat Seattle Chef Eric Olinsky will be using the freshest winter ingredients to drive a skill based class. The class includes knife skills and culinary concepts applicable to a variety of ingredients as we create a 3-course menu together.

This experience starts off with a brief shopping tour of Pike Place to procure our seasonal ingredients. Then we will culminate in the market's Atrium Kitchen to cook and learn together.

Where: Atrium Kitchen in Pike Place Market: 1433 First Ave, Seattle   

Price: $115 + tax


March 11th 2:30-5:30

Chef Wayne Johnson Paella
Paella in Pike Place with Chef Wayne Johnson

Past Iron Chef contestant, current Executive Chef at Fare Start, Chef Wayne Johnson, will be cooking up a seasonal Paella.  Paella is the perfect dish to highlight fresh market ingredients and there are so many fun facts to be learned. This menu will include tapas, organic greens, paella and a decadent dessert.

Chef Wayne will start off with a short shopping tour of Pike Place Market to procure the ingredients needed for the class. The group will then come back to the Market’s Atrium kitchen for a hands-on class and shared meal.

Where: Atrium Kitchen in Pike Place Market: 1433 First Ave, Seattle   

Price: $115 + tax

March 18th 2:30-5:30

Chef Harry Mills Purple Cafe
Demystify Wine Pairing: Chef Harry Mills & Chris Horn
Head Chef of Purple Seattle Harry "Coach" Mills will be joined by Purple's Wine Director Chris Horn as we shop Pike Place Market for local seasonal ingredients and learn how to pair our meal with wine. We go from menu planning to meal creation as we head back to Pike Place Market's Atrium kitchen to cook up a three course meal using our procurred market ingredients. We then enjoy our beautiful meal together.

This class uncovers how wine and food flavors can work symbiotically and how to think of wine pairing in a less intimidating way. This cooking class format is more demonstration based in order to get the most out of the wine teachings and ad-hoc menu conceptualization using our Northwest produce and proteins from local farmers. 

Where: Atrium Kitchen in Pike Place Market: 1433 First Ave, Seattle   

Price: $115 + tax

April 8th 2:30-5:30

Seattle Cooking Classes
Spring Cooking Class with Eric Olinsky
Cooking Class & Market Tour begins with a Pike Place Market Tour that focuses on selecting the seasonal produce and proteins with which we will cook together in the stunning Atrium market kitchen. This tour will also touch on the past and present influences on NW food but also include modern cooking techniques, recipes and a Northwest meal that will be cooked and eaten together. 

Where: Atrium Kitchen in Pike Place Market: 1433 First Ave, Seattle   

Price: $115 + tax

April 29th 2:30-5:30

Liz McCune Eat Seattle
Seasonal Cooking Class with Chef/Owner Liz McCune
Founder/Owner of Eat Seattle, Liz McCune, will head up this seasonal class. Spring is one of her favorite seasons to show off fresh halibut and market produce. This experience starts off with a short shopping tour of Pike Place Market to pick up the fresh ingredients for the class. The group will then cook a 3-course meal together in the market's Atrium Kitchen.  
Spring Salad & Black Pepper Citrus Dressing, Miso Marinated Slow Roasted Halibut, Chive Oil, Caramelized Wall Walla Onions, Fava Bean Purée, Chocolate Lava Cake with Strawberries & Crème Chantilly
Where: Atrium Kitchen in Pike Place Market: 1433 First Ave, Seattle   

Price: $115 + tax

May 13th 2:30-5:30 pm

Chef Jay Midwood's Potato Gnocchi Workshop

Eat Seattle Chef Jay Midwood is presenting a hands-on gnocchi class focused on teaching all the steps to making pillowy gnocchi with a delicious sauce. As with all Eat Seattle classes, this experience includes a short market tour of Pike Place where we explore the seasonal Northwest fare. The class culminates in the market's Atrium kitchen to prepare a 3- course meal with a heavy emphasis on the gnocchi teachings.  

This class is designed for home cooks of various skill levels. 

Where: Atrium Kitchen in Pike Place Market: 1433 First Ave

Price: $115 + tax

March 11th 5:00-6:30

Seattle Mixology
Mixology at SieMatic in Belltown

March 25th 6:30-8:00

mixology class Seattle
Mixology: Infusing, Garnishing, Mixing at indi chocolate

April 7th 6:30-8:00

Seattle Mixology
Mixology Class & Dinner in Pike Place Market's Atrium Kitchen