food tour of Pike Place Market
Seattle Food Tours in Pike Place Market


chef’s perspective of Pike Place Market

The Eat Seattle chef food tour takes you on a journey through the Pacific Northwest by tasting Seattle’s best artisan vendors in the famous Pike Place Market. Get the inside scoop on where chefs shop and locals hang out. All  Eat Seattle food tours are designed to learn and make new friends while having a blast.


Chef’s Tour- Though many tourists are attracted to the famous Pike Place Market every year, local chefs also selectively choose their seasonal produce and proteins daily from the market. This tour gives us a taste of the vendors that supply the best chefs in town with their organic produce and sustainable seafood.

Chef’s Perspective- Our tours are run by chefs who contribute a culinary perspective, telling the story of the Northwest through its food.

Local Taste- We strategically choose our partners to ensure the best quality products of the Northwest are represented.

Unique Samples- Our Chef whips up a few special tastings using our vendor's ingredients to show how some of these products could be prepared. * Chef-made samples are made prior to class

Small Groups- We keep group-size to 10 people and under to provide a more intimate, less touristy experience.  This also creates a better dynamic to ask questions, absorb the information and connect with the other group members.

Purpose- More than just providing great tasting food, our vendors serve as a talking-point to our farming, fishing and produce in the Northwest and what they are doing to maintain higher quality control than the average. Our team keeps the tours light-hearted but plant the seed to thinking about some serious issues in these industries.