Liz McCune Eat Seattle

Our Mission: Making people happy through food and learning



Liz McCune, found her inspiration to start Eat Seattle after a year of traveling with her husband, eating their way through Europe. She realized how truly unique the Pacific Northwest is in regards to its Native American culture, fishing industry, local food production, wine producing climate and micro brew-scene. 

What does she remember after one year of tasting some of Europe’s finest food? It’s the food experiences through their travels that left the fondest memories. The guided tour of the Boqueria Market in Barcelona; sipping wine and making new friends as they whipped up Paella in a nearby kitchen. And the pizza class in a remote village of Le Marche, Italy where the group bonded over tossing pizza dough; laughing hysterically over the unsuccessful attempts. The list goes on…

When Liz returned to Seattle she craved these food experiences, wanting to learn more about the city she calls home. In her quest, she found certain elements missing. That’s when she decided to create an experience designed for both travelers and locals who enjoy food, taking them on a journey of learning and laughter while displaying the exceptional food and beverages that make Seattle a foodie destination. Being a Paris Cordon Bleu graduate, Liz feels compelled to introduce Seattle through a culinary lens, having chefs guide both the Pike Place Market tours and the cooking classes, allowing Seattle’s story to come alive while also being a food-geek.