Mixology Classes

Learn about local Seattle distilleries and make delicious shrubs and garnishes to impress guests at your next cocktail party. Eat Seattle mixologists reveal the potential of reworking traditional cocktails with unique flavors and balancing them to perfection. We go beyond the basics and explain tinctures, bitters, and infusions made with local ingredients. Join us for a unique evening of tasty fun and exploration! Eat Seattle partners with indi chocolate using their chocolate nibs to infuse our spirits. In classes hosted at indi chocolate, you will get to taste their 72% dark chocolate and learn a little about their artisanal perfected craft. *Mixology classes are only available to people over 21 years of age
Seattle mixology team building

indi chocolate

Seattle Mixology Classes

Sound Spirits Distillery

Private Mixology Classes

Cost: $65- $75 pp + tax (depending on group size)

Size: from 7-40 people

Where: We have a couple location options (depending on group size)

How to Book a Private Mixology Class: Get in touch by emailing us at: info@eatseattletours.com

Extras: 10% discount card at partnered market vendors, take home an Eat Seattle shot glass & receive a discount code for new Lyft customers

Eat Seattle Member Classes: Add yourself to our list (below) and, in speak-easy fashion, we will let you know about available mixology classes.

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