Online Teambuilding Activities

Looking for corporate event ideas in a no contact world? Eat Seattle's team building classes are a fun way to boost morale and productivity amongst employees who are working remotely. Our online cooking classes are engaging activities that promote strong communication amongst colleagues. Teams bond, laugh and learn together while they create and connect. Each event is designed to be educational, interactive and team oriented. Cooking formats are custom designed for a variety of sizes and engagement levels.

For more information on Eat Seattle corporate events email us directly:

What Do We Provide:

Professional Cooking Studio- Our cooking studio offers the visual and audio to ensure a professional space for an effective cooking class.

Online Format- Eat Seattle offers custom formats that accommodate both small groups and conferences up to 1,000 people

Online Moderation- We host classes on Zoom but can also work with other platforms. We are technology savvy!

Chef Instructors- We've been teaching classes for over 5 years and have a wealth of information to share with our guests when it comes to improving their cooking.

Recipes: Clear recipes, ingredient lists and instructions are provided by Eat Seattle.

Online Engagement- Our format is designed to be a break from the online meeting world. We connect, laugh and cook together in this secure environment.